45 tours de Magie

45 tours de Magie

45 tours de magie

An interactive exhibition with an independent or guided tour by Alain Vézina

From May 29 to June 1, 2024 at the Agora des Arts

Music lovers and festival-goers will be invited to see and experience an exhibition presenting different settings like forty-five records (vinyls) each telling an anecdote concerning the first 19 years of the FGMAT.

This activity is offered by one of the co-founders, Alain Vézina, who supplies and manages the entire exhibition.

Content and presentation

45 explanatory panels showing a fun and informative presentation of part of the history of the FGMAT, thus recounting key moment of the first 19 editions, leading to know it better and understand its scope.

A collectionof 450 45 rpm records willalso be on display, all also directly or indirectly linked to the history of the FGMAT, several artifacts and numerous 33 rpm records.

Self-guided or guided tours

Although this exhibition is offered absolutely free, voluntary contributions are accepted.

Guided tous with Alain Vézina are available by reservation in the ticket booth below. Places are limited to 10 persons per group.

Otherwise, everyone is welcome to wander freely through the exhibition. Volunteers will be on hand to guide you and answer your questions.

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