May 27 to June 03 2017

Elliot Maginot

Saturday 2 June 2018
5:00 pm


Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda / Scène Agnico Eagle / Rouyn-Noranda

Show presented by : LEBLEU communication humaine

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Accidents sometimes turn into fireworks. It was almost without realizing and despite himself, that the artist soon to be known as Elliot Maginot laid down his first fragments of songs on a small and cheap audio recorder. Elliot Maginot would never have thought of becoming a singer. Or rather, Gabriel Hélie-Harvey would never have thought that Elliot Maginot would see the light of day. It was only the distant fantasy of the little boy from Saint-Hyacinthe who was scratching his guitar from time to time.

With little experience in some short-lived garage bands, slaughtering skate-punk tunes in his teenage years, Elliot was far from considering the guitar as the instrument with which to captivate and enchant an audience. He will have to go through what he describes as a “hermit period” for the instrument to reveal all its potential, and for Elliot to discover his ability to create beautiful melodies.

It will also be necessary that his brother hears by chance these few bits of music, is enthusiastic listening to these choruses and scattered couplets, so that the young singer strives to the construction of real songs. Thanks to the modest but salutary resources that the computer of this brother harbored, Elliot Maginot will adorn his choruses with layers of voice, an atmosphere which recalls the small choir of the cathedral. The few bits of music, the choruses and the scattered verses quickly became real songs.

The first EP resulting from these experiments, recorded at home and put on line in 2013, digs the furrow folk as much by taste (embracing influences of great as Nick Drake and Bob Dylan) that by constraint. With the release of her debut album Young/Old/Everything.In.Between in 2015 (produced by Jace Lasek / Besnard Lakes, Suuns), Elliot Maginot now navigates confidently in the atmospheric spheres of a dreamlike pop, with lyrics imprinted with painful love, regrets and dualities. After having multiplied the first parts (Bobby Bazini, The Boulay Sisters, Pirate's Heart, Ian Kelly ...) in his early years of career, the young singer-songwriter gained his independence and conquered a loyal public ready for the follow towards horizons constantly renewed.

The main difference between the young man who did not go out a lot from home and the Elliot Maginot who comes to us now? Let's say that the songwriter has meanwhile discovered all the formidable possibilities of self-reinvention that was allowed to him by the alchemical process of music. Music through which he can today choose to be who he wants to be, thanks to which he was finally able to escape the contingencies of a daily life that threatened to stifle, thanks to which he can paradoxically embody, in hiding his real name, the most authentic version of himself. Hence this pseudonym, Elliot Maginot, chosen without real reason. Because accidents sometimes turn into fireworks, Elliot Maginot recorded almost without realizing the songs that would dazzle us with their intense dark light. Accidents: he intends to continue to provoke them as often as possible.

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