May 27 to June 03 2017


Friday 1 June 2018
5:00 pm


Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda / Scène Agnico Eagle / Rouyn-Noranda

Show presented by : Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec

30$ First come first serve

Ticket's price included taxes and service fees.

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The quality of his voice, his guitars, his words and his style sign the paw Daran. Constantly on the lookout for perfection, in perpetual musical research, eyes wide open on what surrounds him, he surprises each time while preserving what makes us love him: the love of a job well done, the humanity, in one word: the guts.

His discography reflects his evolution:

  1. J’évite le soleil (1992), already posited him as an artist of an impressive maturity;

  2. Huit barré (1994) propelled Daran to the fore with the successful song Dormir dehors;

  3. Déménagé (1997) mix electric and electro, confusing criticism and certainly one of the best albums of the artist, witness of its artistic opening;

  4. Augustin et Anita (2000) recorded "live", delicate and warm;

  5. Pêcheur de pierres (2003), born of introspection and renewal and also of a three-headed hydra: Daran, the faithful bassist turned right arm Erik Fostinelli and Pierre-Yves Lebert, brilliant and inspired author of the majority of the texts on this 5th album.

  6. Le petit peuple du Bitume (2007) with majestic ambiances and unforgettable solos, and a concept close to those of the 70s;

  7. Couvert de poussière (2009), Daran's first compilation of revisited and re-recorded songs and an unpublished;

  8. L’homme dont les bras sont des branches (2012) is Daran's first "Quebecker's" album made and recorded entirely in Montreal;

  9. Le Monde Perdu (2014) fully acoustic album: guitar, voice, harmonica. The resulting show was rewarded with a Félix at the Gala de l'ADISQ;

  10. With Endorphine, Daran takes us back to the purest tradition of pop-rock, which he used to accustom us to. In this ode to freedom and anticonformism, we find the incisive poetry of a powerful and direct Daran.


Daran also composes for a large number of artists including Johnny Hallyday and Maurane. He likes to share the stage with people from different backgrounds: MC Solar, Calogero in Europe, Louis-Jean Cormier and other musician friends during his visits to Quebec, which he finally chose as a welcoming land in 2010.



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